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Nope. Never been cool; never fully fit in, I’m not sure I’ve found my true self (whatever that is). I've done so many jobs and lived so many different identities. I've been a poet, an actor, a theologian, a caregiver, a dancer, an intellect, an artist, musician, businessman, historian- who knows which one is real. What I can say is, that I've always loved making people happy and I love creating something exceptional.


In 2014 we started roasting coffee for ourselves and small events under the name “Glass City Roasters.” Glass City Roasters was a placeholder for an identity that had yet to be defined. In the summer of 2019, we started discussing alternate names that more accurately describe who we are. We realized after countless suggestions such as “Jeff Sux” and “Geraldo Rivera’s Mustache’s Electric Fun Time Emporium” that we wouldn’t fit into the box labeled as “Traditional” or “Normal.” We wanted a name that encompassed our odd sense of humor, our eclectic aesthetic, and our ever-evolving sense of person.

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1535 Eleanor

Toledo, OH 43612

Their Coffee is RWARsome